Chief features of etruscan culture and religion

What are the chief features of Etruscan culture and religion?

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The religion of the Etruscans, the civilization which flourished from the 8th to 3rd century BCE in central Italy, has, like many other features of the culture, long been overshadowed by that of its Greek contemporaries and Roman conquerors.

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The Etruscans are one of three cultural groups that would influence Roman culture (Greek and Latin being the other two.) The Etruscan religion was polytheistic with dozens of gods being worshiped. The Pantheon of the Proto-Indo-Europeans can be reconstructed using linguistic methods.

Nevertheless, surviving Etruscan tombs, their contents and their wall paintings, as well as the Roman adoption of certain Etruscan clothing, religious practices, and architecture, are convincing testament to the great prosperity and significant contribution to Mediterranean culture achieved by Italy's first great civilization.

Chief features of etruscan culture and religion
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