Cultural challenges that a multinational corporation typically faces

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What Are the Cultural Problems Encountered by Multinational Companies?

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Workplace Values. One problem encountered by multinational companies is differences in workplace values. Geert Hofstede, a researcher and published author on workplace culture, has identified six dimensions of national culture that affect employee values. The first of these is power distance, which deals with how society views inequalities among people.

Highlights Examines transition as a geographical process, reconfiguring patterns and scales of activity. Provides concepts for assessing geographical implications of transition to a low-carbon economy.

Outlines location, landscape, territoriality, uneven development, scaling, and embeddedness. Different cultures perceive time differently, which affects issues such as punctuality and schedules. Whereas Americans perceive tardiness to be a sign of disrespect, people in some Latin American cultures arrive late to show respect.

Even leading management schools in India have started incorporating cross-cultural challenges as part of the curriculum of the international business management. Feb 26,  · The contemporary challenges of managing a Multi-National Corporation (MNC) February 26, Alyona The purpose of this essay is to analyse the contemporary challenges facing the management of a Multi-National Corporation.

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