Different unique cultures

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Culture of India

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10 Unique Customs You’ll Only Find In Specific Cultures

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The different cultures of the world are the essence of various human civilizations, which we have come to acknowledge on a global level and revere as part of each nation's core beliefs and traditions.

Different ethnic or religious cultures can exist within a single nation or region as well, and different subcultures can exist within those ethnic or religious cultures.

In terms of human society, the word culture refers to learned behaviors, practices and points of view that are characteristic of a. Every culture in the world is unique in the way that the people of a culture interact with each other and with people of other cultures.

These differences encompass a wide range of facets, one of which is proxemics (concept of spatial distance). The different cultures of the world are the essence of various human civilizations, which we have come to acknowledge on a global level and revere as part of each nation's core beliefs and traditions.

The United States is sometimes described as a "melting pot" in which different cultures have contributed their own distinct "flavors" to American culture.

Just as cultures from around the world. World Culture Encyclopedia: North America, Oceania, South Asia, Europe, East / Southeast Asia, Russia - Eurasia / China, South America, Middle America / Caribbean, and Africa / Middle East.

Different unique cultures
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