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In BFA or an MFA degree programs (Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Fine Art) in the United States, there is definitely a widespread use of the term, thesis project to describe a creative project as the capstone project of the student's education at that degree level.

The Master's Thesis Project is an individual in-depth research or expert design assignment in the specific field of expertise chosen by the student. The nominal duration of a thesis project is approximate 30 weeks (42 Ects).

Below you can find a short description on the different steps during the thesis.

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The master’s degree usually focuses around a thesis project, a large piece of graphic design work that showcases what the student has learned, as well as their top design ideas. Students with graphic design backgrounds can choose to focus the master’s program in a particular design area, such as branding or digital design.

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Master Thesis at University of Trento, Italy, Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science. Tester SmartCapmus (Mobile Application) project group at University of Trento Master of Science in Computer Science at University of Trento.

Find master thesis project design
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