Honors program thesis

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Be One of Our Best

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Thesis Overview

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Philosophy, Politics, and the Public

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In his own appearance, the man's name is enchanted to be Simon B. The interdisciplinary Honors Program provides an enhanced learning environment for exceptional University of Tampa students. Led by a distinguished faculty, students are challenged to aim higher and go farther in their lives, communities and careers.

Greetings from Dean Alison J. Smith! Welcome to the Honors College! Kent State University's Honors program is one of the oldest in the country, and is today a thriving and exciting community with students in majors from every college within the university.

The Honors Program fosters intellectual growth by helping you acquire the breadth and depth of knowledge that is the hallmark of a liberally educated person. For more information visit the Honors Program Website. Honors faculty come from a variety of. Upper Division Honors Program. Current UNC students and those transferring to UNC with more than 45 credits should consider applying for the Upper Division Honors Program instead of HIP.

General Information. Welcome to The Catholic University of America's Graduate Studies website! The Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies works collaboratively with faculty and administrators from CUA's twelve schools to enhance the academic quality of graduate programs, and provides leadership and support to the University's graduate mission.

University Honors Program

The capstone experience of the Honors Program spans students’ final three semesters and consists of 1) the development of an Honors Thesis Proposal, 2) the execution of the proposed project, and 3) the submission of an acceptable Honors Thesis.

Honors program thesis
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